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And there was light…

I have always been drawn to things that are dark, enigmatic and mysterious. I love old folktales, mythology and renaissance art which has that right kind of dark feeling to it. I have always been longing for the bittersweetness of wild nature and I try to capture it in my art.

I grew up in Gothenburg. My mind was always creative but much distracted. I went to art school and I wanted to become an artist. Most of all I wanted to fulfill my biggest dream, to become a published author. But I could not find the peace to do art or write as much as I wanted. City lights. Traffic. People. Noise. All my energy went to processing the impressions from the city life. I understood that I must leave if I wanted to achieve something. So when I got the chance to move to the forests of Småland, I did. 

Here I started to ground myself. For every day my feet sank deeper into the soil. My hands got stronger. My mind got clearer. The dark surroundings made my own light appear brighter. Soon I was writing stories about the trolls and sirens of the forest. I took up painting again and I started to photograph. New passions came to life along the way. Music, filmmaking and digital art. Today I live the life I was longing for.

Life in Småland

My husband and I bought a house outside of a small town in 2006. It was nicely located between a forest and a farming field. The house was really big but needed a complete renovation. It has been a massive project and we are not done yet. But the house, which I love so much, provided me with all the space I need. We made an art studio, a recording and photography studio and a library!

I got a lot of things done since I moved here. I got two children and a husband. I work full time as a teacher in art and Swedish language at the upper secondary school in town. Besides that I run my own business as a photographer and marketer. I got myself a university education in media marketing, I went to study art history in Florence, Italy and I took a course in astronomy at Uppsala University. My days are full of projects and I have no idea what the term ”bored” means. 


I started with photography in 2009 when my daughter was born. I wanted to capture every moment. I can not count all the times I wished that my eyes could freeze a moment with a blink. So the camera became my most used tool in everyday life.

In 2014 I started to do wedding photography and soon I started my own business. Today I also photograph for businesses and their social media content. And naturally, I spend a lot of time photographing nature and make art prints.

Amongst us

I have been to many places. But I must say that the place I find most fascinating is my home Småland. The nature around my home gives me a satisfying, weird and a little bit scary feeling. A walk in the forests here is like walking in a real fairytale. The dense forest, the mist swirling over the grass, the small black lakes. This place is hiding things. Secrets. Stories. Mysteries. When I photograph I try to capture that magical and bewitching atmosphere. Sometimes when I get back home and look at my pictures I can see them. The creatures that lives amongst us. Trolls, elfs, sirens…

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vildemo art work


The wonders of nature

I have always been fascinated by the drama of nature. I am inspired by everything between the microscopical worlds on earth to galaxies and landscapes on other planets. I love patterns, colors, shapes and dramatic activities. In my art I give expression for all the things I find awesome in nature.

Tiny worlds

I love to imagine microscopical worlds. In my paintings I try to create something similar to what cells, fluids and other biological things could look like. I also like to add a lot of imagination to it. If love was a thing you could see, what would it look like when it is running through the veins?

Volcanos & acid pools

I have an ambivalent feeling for the power of nature. It fascinates me and scares me at the same time. I love volcanos and the harsh nature of Iceland. In my paintings I try to make something similar to the acid pools in Yellowstone, the unknown parts of the ocean, thunderstorms and tornados.

Worlds far away

I find things that are very big or very distant so amazing! I am fascinated by other planets, nebulosas and galaxies. My nerdy interest in astronomy is somehow always present in my paintings. Many of my paintings resemble something you could imagine finding in the universe.

I started painting in 1998 when I was 16 years old. I was much influenced by the renaissance painters. Leonardo is still my number one darling! I painted classical style oil portraits, made my own oil colors and spend the following 13 years on refining my skills.

When I started with photography my paintings changed. It was a lot easier to take a photo than to paint a portrait. I wanted to try something new and I started to experiment with acrylics and abstract art. I loved it! And now it is what I mostly do.

When I create my paintings I use all sorts of materials and everything I can find that will fit to my idea. I work a lot with acrylic paint and resin. I make my own colors from crushed stones, plants, bark and ashes. I use materials from the forest to create structure, like sand and leafs. I love metals and shiny surfaces and I work a lot with crushed minerals that gives the paint a metallic or glittery look.


I started to create music in 2020. My music is inspired by nordic mythology and mysticism. I like instruments like tagelharpa and vocal techniques that reminds a little of opera, kulning and shamanic chants. My songs can be found on all music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

The songs are often connected to my fairytales. When I write I come up with melodies. Much like when you see a movie and you hear the music in the background. Now, when the melodies pops up in my head, I record them and create song of them.


I write scary fairytales in the dark and mossy woods of Småland. No place is better for this sort of writing and I am so happy that I live here. In the summer I take my computer and my coffee and walk far out in the wilderness. I can hear them whisper there. The magical creatures of the forest. In the trees. In the water. They are telling me stories. Secrets. And I write it all down.

A dream yet to come true

The dream of becoming a writer started very early. As soon as I figured out how to read I knew that I wanted to write stories. My favorite story was Ronia the robber’s daughter by Astrid Lindgren. I started to write at a young age and I wrote a decent amount of stories. My teachers encouraged me a lot and later I won a few short story competitions. But I never got further than that. I just could not find the patience and the inspiration that I needed in order to write an entire book. Until now…

Modern folktales

Since summer 2020 I am writing on my book that will contain small stories for young adults and brave children. The fairytales unfolds in the forest, much like the forests of Småland and in timeless eras. I am much inspired by traditional Scandinavian, Germanic and Slavic folktales. I love the dark stories that the Grimm brothers gathered but I am also much influenced by modern storytellers like Astrid Lindgren. Art is also a huge source of inspiration. I love the art of John Bauer. Both Bauer and Lindgren were from Småland, so I am happy to have their creative spirits lingering close to me.

Come with me on my journey…

The big day when my book is done comes closer and closer. I get all emotional when I think of the future day when I hold my printed book for the first time. I will cry so many happy tears. This is really my biggest dream. Hopefully , the first draft is done in late September 2021. I share my writing process and my struggles on YouTube and on Facebook and I update as soon as I have something new to tell.

Let’s become friends

I love to chat with people and I am much active on social medias. I made so many new friends over the internet and I think it is awesome! I learnt so much about different cultures and I am so inspired by the people that connects with me. Feel free to join me on my social media channels!