Fever in the Veins

Fever in the Veins is an original piece by Vildemo.

The stones, the color swirls and the high gloss surface will make this painting become a jewelry in the room. It shines and almost screams for attention. This painting is red and yet not. It goes towards a fleshy pink. In some angles and lights it is slightly orange.

The piece comes in a wooden frame (warm gold) and with a certificate of authenticity.

Title: Fever in the Veins

Artist: Vildemo

Size: 80 x 80 cm (87 x 87 cm in frame)

Material: Resin, stones and acrylic paint on cotton canvas

Year: 2021

Country of origin: Sweden

Certificate of authenticity: Yes

Something Weird in the Blood

That feeling. The moment before you are going to enter the stage, or when you are just about to travel, or maybe meet someone for a romantic date. That positive kind of nervousness. It is like some sort of mild fever running in the veins. Something tickling in the blood. This piece “Fever in the Veins” is how I imagine that the feeling would look like if you could see it in the body. Like a yellow liquid that meshes up with the blood and makes you a little bit shaky.

A Million Details

Details. So many details. This painting was so much fun to make! I used a lot of layers of paint (a lot!) and the colors mixed and swirled and acted so satisfying. It was actually fun to watch the paint dry. In this little video you will see the details in the painting. It will also give you a better idea of what the colors looks like in different lights and angles.


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