The Witch People – The Legend of the Mosses

The first book in The Legend of the Mosses series by Sandra Hila is now out on the international market. Read The Witch People today!

Fantasy from the dark forests of Småland

No place is as full of mystery, folklore and magic as the dark green forests of Småland, Sweden. Sandra Hila lives there. She writes her imaginative stories amidst pines and firs. Literally. She takes the coffee and the computer out into the woods to write. The Witch People is Sandra Hila’s debut novel and the first part in The Legend of the Mosses series. The Witch People is a dizzyingly imaginative journey, told from the dark sides perspective. A reading experience filled with mystery, occultism and romance.

What the Readers Say

I was lying at home sick and had the book in front of me and suddenly I had read 300 pages. I both laughed and cried. It is spell binding! Absolutely magical!



Wow! Don’t miss this book! It is both exciting and a lovely, cozy page-turner. It is really well written and a superb book. I was instantly hooked on this adventure and couldn’t tear myself away. I just want more of this witch adventure and follow both Vidar and Linnea in their lives and magic. Oh how I hope part 2 comes soon! From me, it gets full pot!



The book is fantastic! I have five minutes left and almost don’t want to finish listening because I don’t want it to end.


Martina Goude

Fantastic book in my opinion. Good descriptions of the thoughts and behaviors of the time and manage to paint the environments convincingly. Colorful and unique characters that you want to know more about. Notice that the author has done good research and has been meticulous with details. It’s been a long time since I last listened so intently to an audiobook.



Almost finished listening to the first one! So good! Already looking forward to the next book!


Elin Rosenbrant

Totally immersive!


Lili Granath

Best book I have listened to in a long time. Can’t wait for book 2!



The year is 1397 och Linnea just lost everything. Exactly everything!

The accusations of witchcraft force her to flee into the woods even though nothing scares her more than the forest. She has heard about everything that exists there. Sirens, ghosts and the Moss family — the most feared witch family of them all. The Mosses — the ones who trick people into their dark abodes. Real witches, not innocent peasant women. Alone and hungry, she is only hours away from freezing to death when a strange man approaches her. He is very beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Linnea feels strangely attracted to him. He claims he can help her, but does she dare to go with him?

The Legend of the Mosses – A Future Classic?

The Witch People is a debut novel. You can not tell. Personally I believe that tis could have been written by a very experienced author with a lot of books in her backpack.

Captivating and Exciting

The book is for adults and young adults with a story that is compelling, exiting and at times downright captivation. It’s easy to read on even when the bedside lamp should have been turned off serval hours ago. The language is simple and clear, which makes the book very easy to read. The casual language also stimulates the reader’s imagination. As a reader, it almost feels as if you are a silent and invisible but still present observer of the story that is painted in front of your eyes in well-balanced chapters.

Light and Darkness

The book also has a recurring philosophical element, where the reader’s, just like the main character, Linnea’s, preconceived notions are challenged. Is the world so simple that everything is black and white, or are there shades of both light and dark? In a relaxed way, but still clearly, the safe and ingrained preconceived notions are broken down and replaced by a greater understanding of both the magical world and to a certain extend also the real world.

A Flirt with Sandemo

In the afterword, the author talks about one of her sources of inspiration, whose influence I can definietly see in the story. There is something of a magical aura in the story that is reminiscent of The Legend of the Ice People, a book series written by Margit Sandmo. It is a magical aura that can also be described as the feeling that the author chooses to tell just the right amount for the reader’s imagination to be stimulated and to fill in between the lines. Personally, I think Sandra Hila raises the magical aura to a new level by emphasizing certain aspects and little more clearly and leaving others to the reader’s imagination. I look forward to the sequels and wish the debut author at least as long career as Margit Sandemo.

Christopher Frantz

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